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Dear Parishioners,

We welcome all the guests that has come to the celebrations of the Rite of Perpetual Religious Profession of Sister Maria Nhi Nguyen, to the Silver Jubilee of Religious Profession of Vows for Sister Anna Uyen Tran and Sister Lucia Diem Trang Ngo, and the Eucharistic Celebration by Abbot Marion Q. Nguyen, O.S.B., at Pope Saint John XXIII Parish. We also welcome guests to the 25th Anniversary of Ordination of Priesthood celebration of Father Jose Harmanes. As well as those guests who came for the 50th Wedding Anniversary of the couple that celebrated with their family and friends. It was a busy week welcoming the Religious Sisters who came for their annual retreat and celebrations of their religious order. We thank you for praying for vocations and supporting Religious Sisters with their ministry. We also welcome the members of the Vietnamese Eucharistic Youth Ministry who come to celebrate their patron Saint as well as the Revival of the Eucharistic celebration year.

We also congratulated all those babies and children who received the Sacrament of Baptism within the last few weeks. We thank their parents and godparents for taking the Baptism Preparation Class, so they can be a fine example in raising their children in the faith that they have. We thank you for your support in praying for them. We also thank those couples who are taking the Marriage Preparation Class currently, to prepare for their celebration. We thank the core team members who organized this program to support them for this sacrament.

We thank you for supporting the transition that we have made during this month. Many parishes family have their transition to welcome their new pastors and priests into their parish family. We are very blessed to have Priests, Parish Staff, and Parish Leadership Team members that continue to serve us to make our transition less stressful or challenging for members of our parish family. We are spending the summertime with different projects that we had planned regarding maintenance and updating our facilities. We need to have a well-planned plan to allow us to complete projects that we wish to complete for this summer. We have many different buildings that are located on different campuses of our parish family. These buildings need basic maintenance but require sufficient financial support or volunteers who can assist us, or we have sufficient time to do the work.

We posted some pictures of the work that we have been doing at STEM Academy School campus, so you can see what we have done. The old playground has been removed and the new playground has been installed, and the school building has been upgraded with new windows and classrooms have a new coat of paint. It is amazing with all the work that we have been doing to make our classrooms ready for when our students return for the new school year. The School Staff are using the Parish Office to do their work during the construction. We thank you for your prayers and support towards this project, especially we thank the Foundation and Benefactors for their grants to these projects. We are so grateful to our benefactors and supporters of our STEM Academy School.

We welcome all the students who are joining us for their summer program. We thank the parish core team members who organized this summer program. We also thank students and their parents who support our program as well as the Sisters of the Lovers of the Holy Cross of Go-Vap who are staffing this program. The students have so much fun, as they meet new friends, and learn from each other at game time, prayer time and lesson time.

Our Parish Staff are working on the Annual Parish Report that we will send out to your family in October or November. We thank you for supporting them in their ministry in serving our parish. We are very blessed to have our Parish Staff who devote themselves to serving us in their ministry. We wish them a blessed summertime. We have been praying to have parishioners volunteer in the Parish Consultation Team and Leadership Team. These teams meet monthly with other leadership members and I, such as the Financial and Pastoral Councils, commissions, committees, groups, and organizations such as the Knight of Columbus, and other parish ministries.

We thank you for the commitment that you have for the Annual Catholic Appeal. We need your commitment towards this Appeal, as currently we have less than 50% participation from our parish family. If you have not made the commitment for this year, please take a little time to participate, as your commitment will make a big difference in our parish family obtaining the rebate for this year, which our parish need to assist with our parish projects that we want to have. Your support for this Appeal, no matter how little, will greatly assist our parish.

We congratulate the different parish ministries of our parish family that you organized to have. I am very impressed that you have your members join each other for summer picnic and gathering for fellowship and fraternity of your group. We have blessed summer weather, and you are also cordially invited to join our parish family picnic at the end of this month. We thank the core team members who assisted us in organizing this annual event for our parish family.

I have shared with you our parish family budget for the coming year, which started on the 1st of July. The Financial Council members have read over our budget. We thank all the members of the leadership team who sent us their feedback and comments for the final budget. I also thank the Parish Accountant, Parish Staff, Parish Leadership Team, especially, the core team members who spent a lot of time to work on the final budget. May the Lord continue to bless upon our parish and all the Parish Leadership Team!

You are cordially invited to join our parish family picnic for this year. May you have a blessed week and blessed summer with your friends and families!

Sincerely, Yours in Christ,

Fr. Tuan Nguyen, D. Min